Six String Grill & Stage Presents:

Kevin Shields


Thu, Jun 16

Show: 6:00 pm
All Ages
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Join us for dinner with a live acoustic set from Kevin Shields on the Six String patio! 

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Kevin Shields
Kevin Shields first developed a passion for music after getting his first Metallica cds for Christmas at age 13, and began teaching himself guitar. Later he put his dreams of being in a ridiculously heavy metal band on the shelf when he realized that he could bypass getting a real job in college by playing solo acoustic/pop music in local bars. Although he knew only 5 humble, non-metal songs that he would play over and over, he miraculously wasn't fired -- and eventually expanded his musical repertoire by passing a “song request” paper and pen around at shows. Much to the chagrin of those first audiences, any skill in singing came years later.